Alabama Odyssey ~ Day 6

It was a special feeling to get to walk over the same bridge that all those marchers went over and were chased over, and see the place where the troopers first met them. I just thought about all the history and all the people who go over the bridge without ever thinking about the history.


Today we met Joanne Bland. She was the funniest and nicest person ever. We also met Amelia Boynton Robinson. She was fiery and had an energentic tone. These two people were the best people to be with. I hope that future kids will have the ability to meet these amazing women.


I saw the bridge and stood next to the bridge, but to march across after we heard stories from the foot soldiers was life-changing. Watching films and seeing images brought the story to a reality, but nothing could compare to hearing from live people right before my eyes. As we marched across that bridge, I could envision the history made 50 years ago, and I found it very interesting to hear that of course they did not know they were making history.


[Reflection on Joanne Bland]

This woman is full of fire crackers
From the tippy tops of her toes
To the strands of hair at the top of her head.
This woman is full of fire crackers
As her lips move and words spill out
The room swells larger.
This woman is full of fire crackers
By her presence everybody wants to take action.
This woman is full of fire crackers.


The speech…
Emotions racing,
Legs shaking,
Head spinning just,
But the words flow out of
My mouth with such clarity.
Cars loud
Voice louder
Legs still shaking
My mind clears out, not focusing
on how well I would do.
Great speech.
Great friends.
Legs still shaking
But in the end the feeling
of accomplishment lingers in the