Alabama Odyssey ~ Day 4


Brown’s Chapel

To Montgomery

Civil Rights Memorial

Steps of the Statehouse

On to Pink Lily and Charlie Lucas’s world

Brief stop in Hayneville to see a tribute to Jonathan Daniels


Architecturally, the state house could not have been placed in a better spot. With its huge marble staircase and its view over the city, it was as if it was a castle ruling the city below.


When I walked through the front door of that church [Brown Chapel], I felt history hit me. Just to think that Martin Luther King Jr. stood up on that podium and spoke the words of will and freedom was amazing.


Today at the State House I gave my speech. Up on the steps, it was amazing. When I was speaking, it felt like Rosa Parks was there listening. It was inspiring to feel this and know she was arrested right down the street.


Isn’t this just a goldmine?
He asks delighted.
He’s a young boy with
all the toys he could ever
dream of having.
He has created the inside
of his imagination with
the junkyard’s finest.
Passion pours out of the
T-rex’s trashcan tummy.
Garbage Can Mama was her name.
A story which he gladly
explained, with a grin.
Cars fixed with wire
just as he makes his living.
Wired eyes, wired wise.
Learning is coping.
The balance of eyes, mind, and hands.


I felt Charlie was everything an artist should be. Nothing fake, doing the work he was set on the Earth to do, and wanting only to do it for that. Doing it because he loves it, not because of fame. Doing it because that’s what he feels he’s meant to do. It was about the work, not the fame.