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Friday, 19 Dec 2014

River of Spirit Day 1

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Day 1 - River of Spirit 

Visit the New England Peace Pagoda Buddhist Center. Arrive at Friendly Crossways Hostel

Head into Boston

Alewife to downtown

Dinner – Prudential food court – Student Purchase

The Crossing – An alternative approach to liturgy.  Cathedral Church of St. Paul. Conversation with members after the service.

Return to Friendly Crossways

* * *

I thought it was really interesting what they said [at The Crossing] about doubt. In a way, doubting things is a quality that makes us really human. And doubt is what makes faith so special. It is like how good would not exist without evil. Faith would not be faith without doubt.


At the Peace Pagoda, I tried to occasionally just stop whatever I was doing and just take in the serene quality of the place. I felt like I was completely isolated from thought. I could just focus on the stream or the peace of the temple without having to think or worry about anything at all.


At The Crossing I found myself singing joyously and loudly with people I didn’t know but yet felt a part of. It was the first time I have felt a part of a church, and I realized that to immerse myself in a community like that, I didn’t have to have an unbroken belief and devotion in Christ or God. It was OK there to still be in search of yourself and your belief.


The feeling I got at both of these magical places was the ability to connect to the higher power through two very different spiritual ways of worship.


From chanting, subways, Eucharist, and awakening blisters, I jump on the boat, gliding down the river of spirit.