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Friday, 19 Dec 2014

Alabama Odyssey Day 7

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Tuesday, April 9

8:30  ride the ferry from Gee's Bend to Camden

10:00 Meet Sheryl Threadgill at Antioch Baptist Church in Camden

Talk with local members of Camden's government  and local church members.

11:30 Lunch at Miss Kitty’s Restaurant in Camden

Tour Camden's Public middle School and participate in a short theater class

Visit Black Belt Treasures,

3:30 Visit with the BAMA Kids and share poems, songs and speeches

6:00 Pizza dinner with BAMA Kids and ambassadors from other local schools the Chamber of Commerce

Over the course of this odyssey what has potentially been most incredible for me was how loving and accepting everyone we have met has been. From the oldest adults to the youngest children, everyone has been as nice as any of us could possible hope for. I don't believe that anyone we have met with has really said anything mean, detrimental, or anything with any malicious intent to a single one of us.


I can't help but see my own privilege. I may not be the riches person I know, but I have so much more than the people I met on this odyssey. I may not be able to get everything I want, but I can get everything I need. I don't go hungry and I probably never will.


This day has been so fun! Talking to the BAMA kids and playing with them has been so great. I am so lucky to be in Alabama.


Throughout this odyssey I have been able to experience a new culture that other kids might not be as able to do, so I am feeling really grateful about this experience.


I feel like the Civil Rights Movement leaders are just turning over in their graves. The schools in Camden are basically still segregated. I just couldn't believe it. It seems like all the work that those leaders did, all the walls they tore down are beginning to be built again. Look at the new voter registration laws and the black public schools and white private school in Camden. Our job as young people is to make sure those old walls never get re-built.


I am sad to see this life-changing odyssey end, but I know that I will tell my grandkids about the time that I walked and me with marchers. The one thing that I am positive about is that I will return.