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Sunday, 21 Dec 2014

alabama Odyssey Day 5

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Sunday, April 7

A day with Mary Lee Bendolph

Church at Ye Shall Know the Truth Baptist Church with Reverend Clinton Pettway

Picnic with the folks of Gee’s Bend.

Dinner provided by Sharon and David Jackson

Today was a day of Gee's Bend, a day of faith, a day of play, a day of fun, but most importably a day of unconditional love. Today was a day of walking into a church and being hugged by a multitude of strangers with an almost completely different life than my own. Today was a day of teaching, of talking, of fishing, of laughing, of play, and of learning. These people of Gee's Bend were so loving, so polite, yet so intense and invested in there lives. Everyone in this community just seemed so happy. Maybe they didn't have computers and fancy houses, which may bring happiness to us, but this was a group of people who could create their own happiness. The Gee's Bend people could find happiness within themselves, each other, and God.


The Kid in Blue



"What's your name"


an apparently THAT mad us friends

enough for him to start

chasing me around like

we were



The Integrated Playground

Sometimes I think back

and try and imagine

the ingregated playground of dreams

where little black boys

and little white girls

played and paraded in the streams

where the sky was one color

they chase one another

in the integrated playground of dreams


There is a white door and a black, which do you go through. I answered white even though it sounds racist. Everyone else answered black because they did not want to sound racist. But if picking white sounds racist why does black not?


Visiting the Ye Shall Know the Truth Baptist Church was much different than any other church I have visited! It felt much more alive. Reverend Petway was moving around more and everyone was responding  to him. It was probably one of the few services I've gone to that I didn't make me want to go to sleep. As much as I hate doing anything related to music and religion, I actually found the singing and music fairly interesting, as far as singing goes.


The people of Gee's Bend almost don't have to quilt their community is already so tightly sewn together.


To walk into my childhood

to see a child run

and play and jump

frolicking in  a world

crafted out of sand

To see a girl jump off swings

and pull people down slides

I would never have noticed

her dark ebony skin

or her rough

electrified hair

had it not been

for the sparrow

who flew above me

As I reached out

to pluck him from the sky

the sun came out from behind a cloud

and reflected off my pale white skin

but not off the children in the park