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Saturday, 20 Dec 2014

Alabama Odyssey Day 1

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We have arrived, safe and sound. Tired, full, and incredibly excited.

From the outside it didn't look like much, no big signs or tapestries. Nothing felt like much until I took my seat and the deacon started talking. I couldn't understand him very well, but just his tone and talk told me how experienced and enthusiastic he was about what he was doing. When we sang I felt like we went back in time and I started seeing in black and white. When the Pastor and Mrs. Shuttlesworth started speaking I felt history parade into the room like the fourth of July.


Mrs. Shuttlesworth said her calling was to be a teacher but she gave that up for Reverand Shuttlesworth. Now she teaches people about Reverand Shuttlesworth. Perhaps if something is truly calling you it will come back even after it has been given up.


Listening to Mrs. Shuttlesworth was very inspiring. I really enjoyed it when she was explaining that what you do as the purpose of your life comes to you. Now I know to not limit myself, and when that purpose comes to me I will know that that is what I am meant to do in this lifetime.


As I stare at the pavement

a sensation comes over me.

A needle tearing through

revealing but a single drop of blood

my own blood.

The same color held high

while storming into battle

the same color to be accompanied

by blue and white.

And through this single drop I bled

I see that we all bleed

in red


We Sing at Historic Bethel Baptist Church with Mrs. Shuttlesworth and Deacon Gunn

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