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Saturday, 20 Dec 2014
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Back this year, it's Alumni Night at Hilltop, Thursday Night, October 16, 2014, 7 pm

Once again our alumni will be returning for a Q&A panel discussion to share their experiences in high school. Private and public schools will be represented. All families are invited as they consider what's ahead for their child's elementary years and beyond.

Hilltop Alumni

As Hilltop alumni, you truly have become productive, independent and responsible world citizens. You’ve grown into fascinating and amazing people and have pursued a variety of impressive careers – from architects, musicians, farmers and geologists to teachers, artists, engineers and doctors.  

While our campus and the size of our school have changed over 40 years, you continue to inspire and amaze us. Thank you for being a part of this school community.

Keep in touch!

The "Real World" of High School - HMS Alumni Night

Left to right: Peter Owen Hayward (NMH, Northfield Mount Hermon), Nate Guggisberg (The Putney School), Jon Erik Brodhurst (The Putney School), Paige Fenn (NMH), Harper Lee Baldwin (NMH), Casey Greenleaf (BUHS, Bratttleboro Union High School), Elkanah Linder (Vermont Academy).Many thanks to the students who participated! All are sophomores except Jon Erik who is a senior.

In October 2012 seven Hilltop graduates spoke to an assembled group of mostly 8th grade parents about how their experience at Hilltop prepared them for the high schools they are now attending. For me it was quite a mouth-dropping evening as five of the seven were "lifers" - i.e. they attended Hilltop from CH-8th grade.

For many parents an underlying question is whether this small school on the hill can prepare one for the "real world" - especially if one has been at Hilltop since the age of 3. I'm not quite sure what the definition of the "real world" is, and it may differ from family to family, but let's assume that it at least means bigger, more diverse, and less protected. The move to the "real world" of high school looms large.

As with any move, transition reflects a change and change can mean some wobbly moments while students (and their parents) figure out their new schedules and new environments - especially during the first couple of months. However, as I read over Lauren's notes the degree of confidence these seven exuded (six are sophomores; one is a senior) proves that they are happily ensconced in their real worlds of The Putney School, Northfield Mount Hermon, Vermont Academy and Brattleboro Union High School.

Read the Q & A transcript.


"For us Hilltop is not only a's part of our community and our family."

—Hilltop Parent